odd thoughts

Yellow berberis flowers

So, this post is going to be a collection of fairly random thoughts and photos taken over the last week or so, and the challenge for me is whether I can link them together and make something coherent from them.

I might simply fall at the first hurdle, as I really don’t know what to say about the pretty little yellow flowers in the top picture. I think the plant is probably some kind of berberis, better known for its bright berries than for its blossom.

But I suppose I can use that as a lead in to a photo of holly leaves. The tree they were growing on was also quite lacking in berries.

holly leaves

Whether or not the holly bears its berry crown, at this time of year, it’s hard to think of it without immediately jumping on to think of ivy.

ivy leaf

And since I’m posting pictures of leaves, it seems reasonable to follow on with this photo of a cyclamen leaf, whose marvellous concentric symmetrical patterns caught my attention. The plants flourish in the shade under the trees in the College Garden, alongside the churchyard.

variegated cyclamen leaf

The next – and final – picture is of a church and churchyard. Not the one where the holly and the ivy were growing, but perhaps more appropriate for the season as it’s dedicated to Saint Nicholas, who of course is known by many as the original Santa Claus. Not that there were any indications of any special celebrations either for the saint’s day on December 6th or for Christmas, although the photo was taken on Christmas Day in the morning.

Church of St Nicholas

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