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one way road sign

Since it’s New Year’s Eve, I feel I should make an effort and try and post something about the year that’s almost over.

But, really, what can I say? 2020 has been a bit of a trial for pretty much everyone and I think most of us will be glad to see the back of it.

It’s tempting to think about just crumpling the whole thing up and throwing it away.

litter symbol

This year, I’ve not really felt like blithely wishing people a “Merry Christmas” and a “Happy New Year” – after all, even if the person I’m speaking to has weathered the storm, they are likely to have someone close to them who has suffered difficulties with their employment, their health, their finances etc.

In Spain the New Year greeting (which can be used at least a day or two ahead of the 31st if it’s the last time you expect to see someone) is “Feliz salida y entrada” – Happy exit and entrance.

Thinking of that brief crossover moment between one year and the next has reminded me of a phrase from George Long’s translation of Marcus Aurelius:

bear in mind that every man lives only this present time, which is an indivisible point, and that all the rest of his life is either past or it is uncertain

Perhaps if we remembered to live in the moment, it wouldn’t be so inappropriate to use the standard festive greetings.

Certainly, though, as far as this year is concerned, we are heading for the exit.

"Exit" painted on road

And beyond that there is a new year, which we will enter, whether we want to or not. (Although there may not be an information kiosk available immediately to tell us what to expect.)

Entrance sign

I guess then, that as we have no choice in the matter, we’d better just follow the signs.

one way 20mph  road sign  modified to show 2021

And finally, in case anyone is looking for something rather prettier or more upbeat, here are some Christmas roses.

Christmas rose

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