early one morning

snowy tree line

People laugh at the British because we talk about the weather so much and so frequently. But having lived in Spain for many years, in an area where it might be hot, sunny and dry for months on end, I think I appreciate why the weather is such a popular conversation topic here. Not only can it change radically from one day to the next, but it can be completely different in two places that are only a few miles apart.

All over the festive break, I was enviously watching the social media feeds of people I know well and consider to live “locally”, as they posted the most amazing scenes of frost and snow and talked of sledging and snowmen. But until this week I didn’t have anything of the sort to post myself.

That changed this week when we had a beautiful frosty day on Thursday, followed by a sprinkling of snow on Friday morning. Realising that the snow wouldn’t last very long once people were up and about and taking their dogs for their essential walks or taking their own essential exercise, I got up long before the sun and went across to the park.

snowy tree against dark sky

I haven’t been walking in this particular park quite so much in the last year, as it’s a popular space and I’ve been trying to avoid the crowds. But early on a winter morning it was pretty much deserted.

snowy tree line

I am used to identifying trees by their leaves, which is obviously impossible in winter. But I was struck by how distinctive their shapes are.

snowy trees

Perhaps I’ll have to go back in the summer and find out what they actually are.

snowy tree

There was a slight lightening of the sky that hinted that the sun would be along later on.

snowy trees at sunrise

But the warm glow from the street lights over the main path gave a rather more convincing sunrise effect.

snowy trees

It was all very lovely to look at, but definitely too cold to sit and watch the river.

snowy bench on river bank

Black trees with branches sprinkled with white snow…

snowy trees at sunrise

… and more black trees with branches sprinkled with white snow. I wasn’t exactly bored, as I do love the snow, but there wasn’t a lot else to see and take pictures of.

snowy tres

By the time I headed home, there were already tyre tracks in the car park and quite a number of dog walkers and joggers out and about.

snowy tree

That said, I don’t really think there was going to be any need to deploy crowd barriers other than perhaps to add a splash of colour.

snowy tree and red barrier

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