change in the weather

Yesterday the summer ended in Madrid. There were several torrential rain storms – proper “vertical rain” soldiering down – during the afternoon and evening, and then the worst hail storm I’ve seen in years which started around 1:00 a.m.
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less is more

I tend to avoid the big American food and coffee chains, and don’t think I’ve been in a Starbucks more than three times in my life. However, I was shopping in Bristol with my sister this summer and there came a moment when coffee became a high priority. Preferably coffee in a real cup. Oh, and a comfy seat. Coffee in a real cup, a comfy seat, and perhaps a piece of carrot cake.

And Starbucks seemed to meet the criteria.
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counting cars

In the previous post I said that back in 1964 there were a fraction of the number of cars in Spain that there are today. I’ve actually looked that up and figures cited this week in the newspapers claim that back then there were “dos millones de vehículos frente a los 30 millones de ahora y cuatro millones de conductores frente a los 25 millones que existen en la actualidad.

Let’s look at that again, in English:
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coches de choque

After three weeks of the grey-green UK “summer”, I returned to the dusty yellows of Spain and found the village in the throes of fiestas.

dodge 'em or bump 'em?
dodge 'em or bump 'em?
Las fiestas del veraneante, to be precise – the annual celebration during the last week of August which is put on for the benefit of those who spend summer in the pueblo. Veranear – “to summer”. Not a verb that exists in English, though we do talk of birds wintering in warmer climes.

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apparently, Sean Connery was right

Decades ago, in a Playboy interview, Connery said something along the lines of, “It’s not the worst thing to slap a woman now and then.” Since then, this has been quoted and mis-quoted, and on many occasions the actor has been made out to be in favour of violence towards women.

I’ve always believed he knew what he was saying.
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Olympics II

In keeping with my previous post, I am unaware whether the the Beijing Games have already finished or are just due to do so, although, despite news boycotts and a general head-in-the sand attitude, the information is filtering through that the end is nigh.

All along, the “Team GB” nomenclature has been irritating me and I have finally decided why. There’s more to it than the fact it just sounds silly.
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Olympics I

I suppose there are a number of blogs out there which have been extra busy during the Olympics as the writers have been keen to share their opinions about the Games. And other blogs where there’s been little activity as the writer has been too busy watching to write. For this blog, though, the lack of recent posts is unassociated with events in Beijing.

I’m not a great fan of any sport, though I suppose I used to enjoy watching the football – supporting whichever team the boyfriend of the time supported. But, unlike the colleague from years ago who listed her hobbies on her cv as “Rugby, football, cricket, rowing – spectator only”, I have never really understood the pleasure of watching other people play sports.
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