Comprehending compression

¿Comprender a comprimir?
¿Comprender a comprimir?

Definiciones del
Diccionario de la lengua española de la Real Academia Española:

(De comprehensión).
1. f. Acción de comprender.

(Del lat. compressĭo, -ōnis).
1. f. Acción y efecto de comprimir.

Y tú, ¿irías al taller ofrecido por esta gente?

autumn, but the sky’s still blue…



in the blue, a small cloud, broad
in the beam as a nursery aeroplane
and fades
to leave
a wisp

lavender-scented worries

I’ll admit it: I’m terrified of the dentist. Not any particular dentist. All dentists. And of all dental procedures, including simple check ups. The only time I’ve had hysterics was in the dentist’s chair.

Trying to make the dental practice more appealing?
Trying to make the dental practice more appealing?

Looking back, I’d say it was worth it, as I now have some personal knowledge of hyperventilating, of the pins and needles effect in the limbs – or “tingling in the extremities”, as I think it’s called in the textbooks – and of the complete inability to stop sobbing long enough to explain that I was fully aware of how silly I was being.

Surely this sort of experience has to be beneficial for someone who wants to be able to write from different points of view?
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the cps generation

According to Wikipedia – and, yes, I realise just how limited that authority is – the Information Age is a term used to refer to the present era which has come into use due to “the global economy’s shift in focus away from the production of physical goods […] and towards the manipulation of information.”

Information - but do we process it or just pass it on?
Information - but do we process it or just pass it on?

I would suggest, though, that although we live in the Information Age, the current generation don’t process the information they have access to, they simply pass it on.

I found a link to a video in my inbox the other day from a writer friend, together with an exasperated exclamation that someone was “using his idea”. He knows as well as I do that there’s no copyright in ideas, but the exasperation was real enough.
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change in the weather

Yesterday the summer ended in Madrid. There were several torrential rain storms – proper “vertical rain” soldiering down – during the afternoon and evening, and then the worst hail storm I’ve seen in years which started around 1:00 a.m.
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less is more

I tend to avoid the big American food and coffee chains, and don’t think I’ve been in a Starbucks more than three times in my life. However, I was shopping in Bristol with my sister this summer and there came a moment when coffee became a high priority. Preferably coffee in a real cup. Oh, and a comfy seat. Coffee in a real cup, a comfy seat, and perhaps a piece of carrot cake.

And Starbucks seemed to meet the criteria.
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counting cars

In the previous post I said that back in 1964 there were a fraction of the number of cars in Spain that there are today. I’ve actually looked that up and figures cited this week in the newspapers claim that back then there were “dos millones de vehículos frente a los 30 millones de ahora y cuatro millones de conductores frente a los 25 millones que existen en la actualidad.

Let’s look at that again, in English:
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