extra, extra!

If a friend hadn’t pointed it out to me, I might not have realised that today is Ascension Day – the fortieth day of Easter.

For no better reason than “because I can”, I’ve decided to mark the occasion with an extra, mid-week post with a few of the many photos I took years ago when I went to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta.
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out of his element

spongebob helium balloon over gredos

Having seen some huge birds of prey recently, which may or may not be Iberian eagles, I have a tendency to watch the skies when out walking.

This morning there was a blob high up which looked vaguely like the waspish ultra-light we often see. Since it was making no noise, and seemed to be hovering rather than going anywhere, it was clear, though, that that wasn’t what it was.

When I got close enought to see, it turned out to be a helium balloon:

Sponge Bob helium balloon

This reminded me of a story I’d seen early in the week about medical helium stocks running low while the gas is squandered in balloons.
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