It’s summer and the park is knee-deep in meadow flowers.

It’s also the end of the academic year – time for sports days and garden parties, which explains the following notice, tied to gates of the local school:
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snail mail

 brown snail on leaf
This morning I went to the local post office to send a book to a friend. There are two separate counters, one for general goods, and one for official post office purchases, so, since I had to buy a padded envelope, I had to get receipts from both tills. The envelope cost me 70p.

Years ago, I worked in a school where the secretary kept a box with pens, glue, scissors etc; it was labelled stationary box because it was not to be moved from her desk under any circumstances. My father had taught me that stationery was what was sold by the stationer (the -er- matches) so I understood the joke.

Today when I got home, I checked the till receipt. Now I am wondering whether the parcel will ever arrive; I think I bought an envelope that is going nowhere:

"stationary" receipt

men at work

The local pub has scaffolding up and their noticeboard invites customers to “bare with us” while external decoration is undertaken.

Sign: Business open as normal. Please bare with us while external decoration is being undertaken
The words stripping, cladding and frieze come to mind.

workshop discussion

I’ve been thinking about workshops recently.

workshop bench and tools

No, not the sort that illustrates this post, but writing workshops for the commentary, critique and creation of original texts.
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