sick as a dog

I don’t know what the ideal length is for a blog post, but some weekends I seem to spend a heck of a long time writing.

Today, though, I’m going to settle for posting this screen shot, taken from a local pub website. There’s definitely something about those last two words that makes me wonder what they put in the biscuits.

Text from pub website "dog biscuits on the bar and plenty of water bowels"

no more fun

road sign: diversion ends
True, there was no diversion on the other side of the sign, but nor is life “a glorious cycle of song” on this side. There again, what did I expect?

men at work

The local pub has scaffolding up and their noticeboard invites customers to “bare with us” while external decoration is undertaken.

Sign: Business open as normal. Please bare with us while external decoration is being undertaken
The words stripping, cladding and frieze come to mind.