While designing course content recently, I’ve been looking at some of the implications of email and blogging. One thing that particularly strikes me is the lack of realisation among most people that what is written on-line is automatically archived long term, perhaps even permanently.

I’ve been posting to usenet news groups for nearly ten years now, and one of my initial concerns was the fact that my thoughts and ideas could appear on millions of screens around the world. Fortunately, that thought bothered me a lot, Continue reading “e-phemera”

the cps generation

According to Wikipedia – and, yes, I realise just how limited that authority is – the Information Age is a term used to refer to the present era which has come into use due to “the global economy’s shift in focus away from the production of physical goods […] and towards the manipulation of information.”

Information - but do we process it or just pass it on?
Information - but do we process it or just pass it on?

I would suggest, though, that although we live in the Information Age, the current generation don’t process the information they have access to, they simply pass it on.

I found a link to a video in my inbox the other day from a writer friend, together with an exasperated exclamation that someone was “using his idea”. He knows as well as I do that there’s no copyright in ideas, but the exasperation was real enough.
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