nothing more than feelings

autumn tree
Procrastinating as usual before starting work, my attention was caught by the BBC headline Why feeling guilty may make you a better boss. Having read the article, I don’t feel any the wiser or better informed – so I feel guilty that I wasted my time.
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red blues

Social media networks – “the mean redes”

shades of red

I read somewhere years ago that feng shui experts recommend using red folders for projects as it’s an auspicious colour and increases the likelihood of success.
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“an even better blog”

Checking my blog comments, I found this in the spam file:

Quotation: I couldn’t have asked for an even better blog. You’re available to supply excellent advice, going directly to the point for simple understanding of your subscribers...

It clearly is spam, but I wondered how many people had received something similar and let it be published.

So I googled the phrase “I couldn’t have asked for an even better blog” and wasn’t really surprised when the search returned over a million hits.
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sound and sense

In the post Sound Reasoning, I talked about how in Spanish each letter corresponds to a single sound. This must make it hard for a Spaniard to visualise the spelling of a word when he hears it spoken in English, and therefore must make comprehension more difficult.

It does, however, add to the pleasure of watching films in English with amateur Spanish subtitles. I admire the guys who attempt what is clearly a task beyond their capabilities. They gather up their inadequate grammar and try and create meaning from sound alone.
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automatic writing

Yesterday, I signed off an email to a colleague with the Spanish phrase que te sea leve. It seemed appropriate, knowing that the summer is upon us, compañeros de trabajo are off on holiday and teams that are stretched at the best of times are now at snapping point.

bare bone on bare earth
Let the earth lie light...
“Que te sea leve” ~ “may it (life) be light for you.”

I like the phrase, but had no idea of its derivation.

Fortunately, despite the absence of colleagues, there is usually time for an exchange of ideas and information, and he pointed out that this is more or less what the Romans put on the tombstones of loved ones:

Sic tibi terra levis. ~ Let the earth lie light upon you.

What a lovely phrase.

Still, that’s all rather incidental to this post, which was prompted by the actual physical act of typing que te sea leve, rather than by its meaning.
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