things to think about

On the subject of inspiration – and where to find it – there are many variations on the idea that, “If I knew where ideas came from, I’d go and live there.” But I think every writer has their own source, or sources, of inspiration; one of mine is my email spam folder.

I used to get many more unsolicited offers, but now they just get filtered off and I seldom even see them. I checked the other day, though, and it was just as much fun as I remembered.
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blowing my own trumpet

Close up of band statue, l'Escala, Spain
This week I received a surprisingly enthusiastic reaction to some poems I had submitted for feedback; I also received some delightful comments on my blog from random robots.

I leave it to the reader to guess which is which:
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thought for the day

Checking the spam comments queue, I came across this:

Q: how many calories in a grapefruit juice? A: Not enough poetry

I can’t say I’ve ever really looked for poetry in fruit juice of any kind and I don’t know how much I’d have expected to find.

Just at the moment, though, I feel there are altogether too many areas of my life in which there is not enough poetry, so I don’t see why grapefruit juice should be any different.

“an even better blog”

Checking my blog comments, I found this in the spam file:

Quotation: I couldn’t have asked for an even better blog. You’re available to supply excellent advice, going directly to the point for simple understanding of your subscribers...

It clearly is spam, but I wondered how many people had received something similar and let it be published.

So I googled the phrase “I couldn’t have asked for an even better blog” and wasn’t really surprised when the search returned over a million hits.
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debt and ruin

spam comments

WordPress blogs use Akismet to deal with spam, and it seems to work quite well. Even so, I usually check all the comments, just to see that nothing has been caught up in the filter by mistake.

I am wary of any ‘hobby photographer’ who wants me to check out their ‘amateur artwork’ with a view to using it on DCTN, but I do love the badly written false praise:

It is rather interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to them. I would like to read a bit more soon.

Clearly spamming isn’t a lucrative enough activity to warrant paying decent copy writers.

The latest comment on the fine feathers three post amuses me as it’s from a debt consolidation company: “Eliminate debt working at home.”

I don’t think what ‘Melia – the Ruined Maid – was doing counted as ‘working from home’, but she certainly seemed to have found a way to escape the poverty trap.

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