blowing my own trumpet

Close up of band statue, l'Escala, Spain
This week I received a surprisingly enthusiastic reaction to some poems I had submitted for feedback; I also received some delightful comments on my blog from random robots.

I leave it to the reader to guess which is which:

  • The poetic matter is […] strong and tenable
  • You actually know what you’re speaking about!
  • The clarity to your put up is just excellent
  • Very lightly realised
  • [It] both chills and convinces.
  • A fantastic read
  • Vivid
  • Brilliant verbal precision
  • Your authored subject matter s] stylish
  • Prismatically perceptive
  • You managed to hit the nail upon the top
  • This text is worth everyone’s attention
  • The ending is deadly and excellent
  • But, what in regards to the bottom line?
    Note: The feedback came from a widely-published UK poet. Among the (carefully selected) quoted phrases, there’s a fifty-fifty split of poetry critique and blogspam.

    One final spam comment sums it all up nicely: Awesome things!

    Author: don't confuse the narrator

    Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

    2 thoughts on “blowing my own trumpet”

    1. There’s a strange sort of warmth that comes from spotting a ‘bot in the wild. It’s that Blade Runner moment where you know that no human would arrange words in that way.

      It does give rise to what happens when they manage to assimilate language properly though.

      How much would YOU pay to have thousands of fans that praise your work? Send off for our ‘bot-stalkers NOW! Terms and Conditions Apply. Not valid under Skynet.


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