late again

Birmingham library exterior with owl (owl parade)

I had already written yesterday’s post – four days late for Candlemas – when I realised that it was National Libraries Day and I probably should be writing about that. Instead, I am doing so today, which is why this post is “late again”.

When I realised, it was nearly four in the afternoon, by which time I suspect most UK libraries are closed on a Saturday. (I certainly know of at least one local independent library whose Saturday opening hours are only 10 till one. I wonder how they crammed a whole day’s celebration into a mere three hours.)

Out of interest, I checked to see what the opening hours of my local library were and was surprised – and impressed – to find that it’s open until 17:30 most weekdays.
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miaow, meow, miau, miaou….

Tuxedo cat face close up
How do you spell that word?

Not that it really matters, but it seemed the right noise to be making since I just discovered I have an identity on the WorldCat website.

This being the internet, I’m rather surprised that the site has nothing to do with cats.

In fact it’s a searchable catalogue of library collections and it also includes a fun facility to follow connections and explore relationships between the identities held on file for people, things, characters and corporations. It’s a bit like playing six degrees of separation, but I haven’t yet worked out the route to connect my id with Kevin Bacon.

silence in the library

So, what do you go to the library for?

Prohibido gritar, pegar e insultar en la biblioteca
Which still leaves a lot of options.
I think most of us go to read books, refer to works of reference, borrow books to take home, use the computer facilities etc. But it seems that either other people have other motives, or they get a lot more het up and argumentative than I would expect.

That’s the only explanation I can see for the sign displayed in the library at Navarredonda. For those who don’t read Spanish, it says:


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