This early in the year it probably behooves me to be positive, but it’s been a bit of a grey day and I’m saddled with updating the blog, although I’m bridling at the thought.

The big hitch is that my head seems to be mane-ly stuffed with sawdust – the ideas are hardly jockeying for position in the race to be written. Indeed, progress has completely stalled for the last few hours and I’m beginning to think wild horses couldn’t drag a blog post out of me today.
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resisting temptation

Single tree in field
outstanding in the field
I have a difficult few days ahead, working on a translation dealing with geotechnical investigation surveys. The difficulty is not the translation, but the temptations involved: I must not talk of experts in the field using cutting-edge technology to lay the foundations for success.

And I probably shouldn’t complain that the work is boring. (Though it certainly isn’t earth-shatteringly interesting.)