trains, travel & terminology

Many years ago I had a colleague who told me that she was concerned about her daughter’s English, as the family didn’t speak English at home. Without a second thought, I told her she should encourage the girl to read.

I didn’t think it mattered whether she was reading Jane Austen, Dickens, Woman’s Weekly, or simply the next Mills and Boone bodice ripper: my idea was that she’d learn grammar and assimilate new vocabulary from seeing language in context.
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blue skies

pampas grass

I think the front page needs brightening up and I have no time to think of anything particularly witty or apt to say, so here’s a photo I took a couple of days ago down by the river for no better reason than that I liked the colours.

Hopefully, even though I’ll be travelling, I’ll find some time in the next few days to write something more here.

And because I’ll be travelling, perhaps I’ll have a few new ideas.

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