cultural activities

Back in Spain after what seems to have been a long absence, I find the village half in fiestas.

Miss Camiseta Mojada & Mister Paquete Mojado contest
cultural equality?
I’m not sure if this is actually the annual Fiestas del Veraneante, which end each August in a mess of seaside tat, fairground rides and firecrackers, or if it’s a special weekend of music. Certainly live music has blared through till 5am this weekend, presumably to ensure that no one looks too refreshed when they return to work after their summer holiday.

There appear to be other ‘cultural activities’, too, such as those advertised on the poster in the photo: Miss Camiseta Mojada – ‘Miss Wet Tee-shirt’ – is about the level of finesse I would expect for village fiestas, but I can’t decide whether Mister Paquete Mojado strikes a new low for culture or a new high for equality.

I guess it would probably be better if I don’t start wondering too deeply about the chupitos eróticos or the invitation to “come and ride our mechanical bull”.

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