like a lamb

Staying in the UK with no internet connection for a week was a strange experience for someone who spends as many hours on-line as I usually do. Sadly, it didn’t result in vast quantities of poems being written long-hand in notebooks or anything very creative like that.

It did, however leave me a few photos that I intended for the blog and haven’t yet posted. Like this ‘co-operative lamb shank in gravy’.

Packaging label: The co-operative lamb shank in minted gravy

As I walked around the supermarket, I thought it might be rather nice to work in an environment where everything was co-operative, from the cheese slices to the bleach.

I wondered, though, what happened to the trouble makers if the ones who co-operated went lamblike to the slaughter and ended up drowned in minted gravy – which appears to make up 18% of the package contents.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

2 thoughts on “like a lamb”

  1. Thanks to the wonderful muddle that is English syntax, I don’t know whether the minted gravy was co-operative or not, but if I were some gravy, the indignity of being stamped with the monarch’s head and milled round the edges to prevent clipping might make me feel quite recalcitrant.

    Presumably “minty” or “mint” (adjectives which mean what the Co-op marketing people think “minted” means) didn’t sound impressive enough.


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