paws for thought

black cat paws
Years ago, I used to have an orange-brown tabby. She was a perfectly normal short-haired cat, but skinny and delicate. She had one or two pink pads, but mostly her paw pads were black, and I always suspected this indicated that she had Siamese ancestors.

At last count there were five black cats ranging around the finca and, although I haven’t got close to the two smallest, when I saw these paws on the windowsill, I was struck by the fact that the three siblings born 15 months ago all have black pads.

After some brief on-line research, I find that this is to be expected, although, if I’ve understood correctly, it would theoretically be possible for a black cat to have pink paws.

Cat superstitions are different in Spain from in the UK, and black cats are considered unlucky, so perhaps we should be a little concerned at how many we have around. I’m just hoping that drinking tiger brains won’t turn them into zombies.

Black cat drinking from tiger-head pot

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

2 thoughts on “paws for thought”

  1. En un diálogo de una antigua película, la chica le dice, asustada, al chico:
    -“Acaba de cruzar un gato negro delante de nosotros. ¿Eso qué significa, buena o mala suerte?”.
    A lo que el chico le responde:
    -“Bueno, eso depende de lo que pase después”.


    1. Habrá sido uno de ellos que cree que ser supersticioso da mala suerte.

      (En inglés depende de si cruza del lado iquierdo o derecho. Y si cruza el gato negro delante de ti no está muy mal, pero si cruzas delante de él es mucho peor.)


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