yet more mythical beasts

golden lion's head

It’s half a lifetime ago that I first left the UK to live abroad, but barely a day goes by when I’m not in touch with someone there, and I still read the British news when I have time.

Usually, my friends and family keep me up to date when there are stories they think I’ll find interesting, so I was disappointed to realise that no one had told me that the hunt was on in Essex for a lion until it was practically all over.

I’ve always been fond of cats of all sizes, so, since the Essex lion has (probably) turned out to be a mythical beast, I thought I’d post some of the lions I have among my photos.

The moustachioed golden lion above was lurking on a gate in London, somewhere near the Guildhall; the less elegant creatures below are chained outside the cathedral in Ávila:

Avila Cathedral lions

Also in Ávila, at the main post office, I found these rather ferocious letter-eating beasts. They really don’t encourage traditional correspondence.
Post Office Box lions, Avila

Finally, this much more docile looking creature who I think might have been dozing at the foot of the tomb of Edward II in Gloucester Cathedral.
Gloucester Cathedral lion sculpture

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