where (how? when?) to begin?

Bristol Temple Meads Station (by night)

Since I came across a story about procrastination on the BBC Magazine page, I have, of course, been putting off blogging about it.

There’s so much there that I could comment on that I hardly know where to begin. Instead, I’ve been following links to other stories and generally wasting time.

I would like to get this posted today, though, so have finally selected three points to focus on.

First, this paragraph (emphasis added):

Prof Piers Steel of the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary, author of The Procrastination Equation, has conducted extensive research into the topic. He found that 95% of us procrastinate at some point.

Personally, I can only suppose that the other 5% just haven’t yet got around to it.

Secondly. the side bar about Quintus Fabius Maximus is fascinating. I was amused by the first point:

Quintus Fabius Maximus, Roman general of the 3rd Century, BC was initially given the nickname “Cunctator” – the Delayer – as an insult

I think I know a few people that title would suit. Mind you, I probably won’t dare use it, as I suspect the same people might misunderstand me.

"carpe diem - Horace - Roman self-help writer"
Finally, though, I wonder how far I can trust the information in the article. It’s certainly hard to take it very seriously when they describe Horace as a “Roman self-help writer.”

Thinking about it, though, it’s probably ten years since I first thought of compiling a collection of favourite poems under the title The Consolations of Poetry, but I don’t think I was expecting to include any Horace in it.

Hmmm… “Ten years since I first thought…” And I still haven’t done so. Looks like I’m a cunctator myself.

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Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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