where (how? when?) to begin?

Bristol Temple Meads Station (by night)

Since I came across a story about procrastination on the BBC Magazine page, I have, of course, been putting off blogging about it.

There’s so much there that I could comment on that I hardly know where to begin. Instead, I’ve been following links to other stories and generally wasting time.

I would like to get this posted today, though, so have finally selected three points to focus on.
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speed, bonny boat

Under the headline Dolphin ‘superpod’ seen by wildlife spotters off Skye, the BBC start a story with this slightly disconcerting lede:

A group of wildlife spotters have encountered a massive pod of dolphins on a boat trip off the north coast of Skye.

I guess even dolphins must get tired of swimming sometimes.

the BBC – the voice of reason?

Apparently not, if the title of this web page is anything to go by:

BBC news - Hysterical, deluded and thoroughly English

Yes, it is a page from the BBC website and it is entitled:

BBC News – Hysterical, deluded and thoroughly English.

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