crappy word choice

From the BBC Science & environment section:

"Ancient poo clue to environment: US scientists say they can track early human movements by analysing molecules in ancient faecal matter."
Is it just me, or is that badly phrased?

This may be an appropriate place to comment on how the Spanish have difficulty in distinguishing between the /b/ and the /v/ sounds. The two letters are pronounced the same in most parts of Spain.

They also have trouble with English vowel sounds as there are only five simple vowel sounds (not diphthongs) in Spanish as opposed to a dozen in standard English (British received pronunciation).

“I want to live in Spain” and “I want to leave Spain” can be almost indistinguishable, and further complicated by the similarity in pronunciation of “want” and “won’t”, the frequent incorrect use of “won’t to” and the difficulty of pronouncing a word beginning with an s-consonant combination.

Often, then, you have to ask Spaniards to repeat and clarify what they mean and you get Spanish students who apologise, claiming that they always have “trouble with their bowels”.

Couple this with the fact that the answer to ¿Qué tal? is often regular, (“How are you?” “So-so”) and that estoy constipada means “I’ve got a cold”, and you can see that living in Spain can be a shitload of fun for English speakers.

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