recycled rubbish

I think it is Blaise Pascal who is credited with having first said, “I’d have written a shorter letter if only I’d had the time.” That’s pretty much the way I feel about blog posts, which always take far longer than is reasonable for their length and (lack of) content.

The previous post was probably one of the quickest I’ve ever written, partly, perhaps, because most of it was simply linking together old ideas. I was also in a hurry to post because I had to catch a bus.

Maybe if I’d had longer to think I’d have censored it. As it is, I fear I mildly shocked certain readers by ‘using language’.**

So, to try and clean things up a bit, here’s a picture taken in the pueblo today. I am intrigued by the local road sweepers who all use traditional besoms with the twigs bound together by old tin cans. I suppose it’s one form of re-cycling.
** “Using language”: a phrase that should be read in a very Welsh accent like the neighbours in ‘Under Milk Wood’ discussing Mr Waldo:

“Falling in the gutter” // “Talking to the lamp-post” // “Using language” // “Singing in the w”

I note the fact that the last phrase quoted seems to bring us neatly full circle (full cycle?) to the previous scatalogical theme, and I am mildly pleased.

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Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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