looking ahead

Rubbish Friday

When I went online to find about about dates for rubbish collections, I didn’t expect the local Council to have gone into the fortune-telling game.

It seems, though, that my future is all sewn up.

What’s worse, these upcoming ‘rubbish Fridays’ include not only Christmas Day, but the first day of 2016, so the New Year will get off to a bad start.

I think it’s time for the first Bah, humbug! of the season.

the aftermath

dust cart & bin men

rubbish bags awating collection, UK

Such gaily flashing lights!
Such bright fluorescent suits!
Wrapping paper brims from bags
and bundles stacked and glistening
in the rain.

(The rubbish men are back at work.)

recycled rubbish

I think it is Blaise Pascal who is credited with having first said, “I’d have written a shorter letter if only I’d had the time.” That’s pretty much the way I feel about blog posts, which always take far longer than is reasonable for their length and (lack of) content.

The previous post was probably one of the quickest I’ve ever written, partly, perhaps, because most of it was simply linking together old ideas. I was also in a hurry to post because I had to catch a bus.

Maybe if I’d had longer to think I’d have censored it. As it is, I fear I mildly shocked certain readers by ‘using language’.**
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what do you think of it so far?

I’ve just got back from a short trip to the UK. Each visit makes me feel more like a foreigner in my own country as I realise I no longer know how things work or what etiquette demands in certain situations.

Of course I still speak as if I was a ‘local’, so it must be odd for shop assistants to see me struggle to find the right change or ask for instructions when I pay by credit card with a UK ‘chip and pin’ card. (Spain doesn’t use the system and I tend to get in a complete knot.)

This trip, one thing that caught my attention was the rubbish system. Continue reading “what do you think of it so far?”

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