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I took this photo a few weeks ago and loaded it to the blog, then never actually used it. At the time I think I was going to post an idea for a TV reality show: something along the lines of Dressage for Donkeys.

Footpath sign: Strictly no horses
Now, though, under the post title limited access, it also suits the fact I’m away from my computer for the weekend and have to make do with ‘mobile technology’ for the update. Fortunately, although I suppose I could, I don’t have to write the post while riding a horse.

Author: don't confuse the narrator

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2 thoughts on “limited access”

  1. Where was this taken?
    I saw it flicker across my list of followed blog posts and made a very strange facial expression, because I have a fairly recent memory of being in my Grannie’s tiny village in Dorchester and seeing an incredibly similar scene, complete with that exact sign…

    (mind you, it is obviously a very typical English scene.)


    1. No, not your Grannie’s village: the photo was taken in the Midlands only a matter of yards from the Greenway, which I’ve written about before:en route. The Greenway is a “permissive bridleway” where most forms of non-motorised traffic are welcome, but I think the horses have to go round this section by way of the road not the bridge.

      Thanks for dropping by and staying long enough to wonder!

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