glory all around

mediterranean sunrise

I have occasionally wondered why children seem to instinctively draw the sun as a yellow circle with straight lines radiating from it, but looking at the glorious sunrise in the photo above, it certainly makes some sense.

Yes, I know: I overuse the words glory and glorious, but surely it’s justified here?

That can no doubt be seen as a purely subjective opinion but, when referring to the next picture, which I personally consider rather less impressive, I gather glory would be the technically correct term:

circular rainbow seem from aeroplane windowEven after my inadequate attempts to improve it in Photoshop, the photo is somewhat underwhelming, but I’ve been looking around on line and reading up on rainbows – including this very edifying page from Western Washington University – and it seems that the little circular rainbow I photographed from a plane window was not an illusion produced by tempered glass, but is actually an optical phenomenon known as a glory.

Most of the articles I’ve read suggested that I should have been able to see the plane’s shadow in the centre of the ring, but I think I need the TV show techie guys to manage that sort of enhancement.

So, I think I’ll end with another couple of sunrise photos taken a day or two later than the first, plus a final quote from Humpty Dumpty: “There’s glory for you!”

Mediterranean sunrise

Mediterranean sunrise Feb 2017

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