The Gredos foothills
The Gredos foothills

Palm fronds spike
at mountain peaks
blurred by clouds and snow.

set-tos on set

The BBC have apologised for broadcasting, on BBC1’s Breakfast programme, an unbleeped version of an audio tape where – allegedly – Christian Bale berates a colleague for ruining a shot on the set of Terminator Salvation. A spokeswoman is quoted as saying, “A technical error led to us broadcasting an unacceptable swear word.” Which seems a bit of an understatement if it’s true that the outburst includes the use of the F-word 35 times in just over four minutes.

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pictures of pigs

I hadn’t really planned it that way, but one of the things that brings people to this blog is the subject of pigs being slaughtered. It surprised me the first time I noticed the search phrase on the blog stats, but there certainly are several mentions – and photos – of pigs (or boars) in various states. That’s probably because I’m based in Spain and there are pig products pretty much everywhere.

As may be apparent from most of the posts, I do my own photography. Much of it is done in public places, as was the picture which follows the break. (Don’t look if you are faint-hearted.)
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dead bored

dead boar
What big teeth you have!

… but what piggy little eyes.

And, no, I do not know why he was waiting in the car park when I finished lunch the other day. Such are the mysteries of life in the pueblo.

donkey’s years

baby donkey
What big ears you've got

While everyone else has been focusing on the year of the ox, I think this little one already has years worth celebrating.

(The years/ears pun works rather better when spoken in a strong Welsh accent than it does in writing.)

the dirty bits

Did you wash between your toes?
Did you wash between your toes?

Firstly, an apology to those who’ve seen the title and arrived here looking for pr0n.

Secondly, an apology to those who’ve looked at the photo and are expecting foot-fetish stuff.

Even if I admit that there’s an ‘adult’ element to the upcoming musings, it’s actually all U-rated.

I may be ‘talking dirty’ here, but that’s ‘dirty’ as in ‘not clean’, not the more metaphorical dirt.

So, the question I wanted to ask, was: when was the last time you felt you needed to make an extra effort to wash behind your ears, or to scrub your knees?
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occasional poetry

There are lots of comments around the web referring to Elizabeth Alexander’s poem composed for Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration.

This article, written by Jim Fisher before the ceremony, makes interesting reading, as it includes information about previous inaugural poems and US background that helps put things a little more in perspective.
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