“Everything’s late this year,” said my aged mother, when I took her a cup of tea in bed this morning.

I thought that was rather unkind – it was only seven o’clock and who on earth expects their visitors to provide tea in bed before that on a Sunday?

But the theme has continued throughout the morning:
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on trend

When I set the blog up, it was deliberately anonymous; now, it’s perfectly possible to connect the dots and find out who does the writing here. Even so, I don’t usually post pictures or other details about myself, so this is an exception.

Green grass, orange & white boat, blue sky, granny hair in foreground.
The photo is from the same set as those I posted yesterday, and manages to show the colours I failed to capture in the second picture. It also shows another colour entirely: my natural hair colour.
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higher, lower; faster, slower

I’ve been interested in relativity for a long time – or at least it seems that way! – ever since the 1970s when Dr Walker drew a stickman following a stickwoman and flashing a torch at her on the blackboard in a maths lecture at Nottingham University. I’m pretty sure the theory was that if they were both travelling at the speed of light the woman would never be aware of her pursuer. Or something like that.

cleaning materials
Anyway, according to this story on

[National Institute of Standards and Technology] physicists […] demonstrate[d] that you age faster when you stand just a couple of steps higher on a staircase


Similarly, the NIST researchers observed another aspect of relativity—that time passes more slowly when you move faster

I think that means that if I want to keep young, it’s time to stop sitting in front of the computer and go and run around doing the cleaning downstairs.

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