on trend

When I set the blog up, it was deliberately anonymous; now, it’s perfectly possible to connect the dots and find out who does the writing here. Even so, I don’t usually post pictures or other details about myself, so this is an exception.

Green grass, orange & white boat, blue sky, granny hair in foreground.
The photo is from the same set as those I posted yesterday, and manages to show the colours I failed to capture in the second picture. It also shows another colour entirely: my natural hair colour.
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heads, hair, hats

Blue-rinsed and perm-headed
hydrangea matrons
eavesdrop our conversation.

blue hydrangea
As we breakfasted on a café terrace the other day, the great heavy mops of hydrangeas nodded gently at us like elderly women listening in and approving our plans for the day.

At least, that was my first thought.
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female style

The poem I posted a couple of days ago had the Virgin Mary complaining that her sandals weren’t letizios, which is a relatively new entry into Spanish fashion-speke and refers to the high-heeled, peep-toe style of shoe that is such a favourite with Doña Letizia, the wife of the heir to the throne.

That got me thinking about the different garments the Spanish have named after famous women.
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No, I’m not about to write a technical post about visual basic script or vanishing bee syndrome, so, sorry, if you’ve ended up here by a mistaken Google link-through.

I just though that if visible panty-lines can have their own abbreviation, why shouldn’t visible bra straps?
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cerditos y patitos

“Como todos sabemos, hay que ser elegante por dentro y por fuera,” dijo la presentadora de la tele. Pero en vez de servir esto como introducción a una tertulia acerca de la auténtica elegancia, resulta que el programa proseguía con un reportaje de las nuevas tendencias de la lencería.

A mí, mostrar a los hombres, por guapos que sean, haciendo deporte en ropa interior no me parece muy elegante. Admito que mostraron unos juegos de bragas y sujetadores – para no decir “juegos íntimos” y arriesgar un malentendido – realmente bonitos, pero no creo que pareciera más elegante si me vistiese de seda y encaje, sino más bien hortera y, sin duda, mucho más incómoda. Y, para mí, sin comodidad no hay elegancia que valga.

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