maybe not

Yesterday I wrote about walking around the racecourse and ended the post with a photo of cow parsley. Today the top photo is a different umbellifer. I think it’s probably common hogweed, which I’m assuming might be a relation, as it’s also known as cow parsnip.

For those who haven’t made the connection, umbelliferous flowers are arranged on short stalks that radiate from a common point, like the ribs of an umbrella.
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female style

The poem I posted a couple of days ago had the Virgin Mary complaining that her sandals weren’t letizios, which is a relatively new entry into Spanish fashion-speke and refers to the high-heeled, peep-toe style of shoe that is such a favourite with Doña Letizia, the wife of the heir to the throne.

That got me thinking about the different garments the Spanish have named after famous women.
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No, I’m not about to write a technical post about visual basic script or vanishing bee syndrome, so, sorry, if you’ve ended up here by a mistaken Google link-through.

I just though that if visible panty-lines can have their own abbreviation, why shouldn’t visible bra straps?
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