at the western edge of Europe…

single red hibiscus flower
palm trees, Costa de Adeje, Tenerife




palm fronds prick at a volcanic sky
and bright hibiscus
leer at pink-skinned foreigners.

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canary colours

You might expect the predominant colour in the Canary Islands to be banana yellow, but that certainly wasn’t my experience in Tenerife.

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red hibiscus flower

Thunbergia flowers

orange hibiscus flower

where angels fear to tread

Adeje street 'carpets', Corpus Christi 2012, Tenerife

As part of the Corpus Christi celebrations, the town of Adeje in Tenerife decorates the streets with ‘carpets’ made from salt along the procession route.

I think the carpets are made using salt tinted with powder paint, which is spread over a big outline of the picture taped to the street.

Between the carpets are plainer stretches with stencilled patterns.
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no stone unturned

To everything there is a season, a time and a place for everything. If this scene is anything to go by, it seems that in Tenerife it is a time to gather stones together:

piles of stones, Playa del Duque, Tenerife

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