yellow shift

Yellow field: rapeseed in flower

I expect if I had been standing still, I could have framed the photo a little better, but it was taken through the window of a moving train so is a bit sketchy.

The train was one of the oldest and tattiest I’ve been on for years, and it wasn’t going that fast, so I don’t suppose I can really blame the transformation of the green Cotswolds countryside to such a brilliant yellow on the Doppler effect caused by the speed I was travelling at.

a Chekhovian view

Cherry trees in the Gredos foothills

Well, I think it’s a cherry orchard, but I may have to go back when the trees are in blossom to be certain.

time to stand and stare

Travelling in the UK, I seem to be in headless chicken mode, with no time to sit and think or write, and yet achieving very little. Yesterday, though, I took a walk , as it was a glorious, slightly blustery, English summer afternoon.

I’ve commented before on the monkey puzzle in my mother’s village, but I’d never seen it with cones before:

monkey puzzle cones
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