seeing and not seeing

I posted a photo of a rabbit last week, but it wasn’t a very successful one as the bunny’s colouring blended so well with the undergrowth. I gather that this blending into the background is crypsis (as opposed to mimesis when the creature disguises itself as something else).

Here, then, is a less cryptic rabbit:

brown rabbit grazing
Camouflage hinders our seeing things that are really there, but our brains often trick us into seeing things that aren’t there.
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camera shy

Posted much later than I intended, but here’s an Easter bunny:

Wild brown rabbit

As you’ll gather from the photo, he wasn’t easy to find. I hope some of you had better luck if you went hunting for Easter eggs.

millions and billions

Rabbit reading by Lance Tooks
drawing courtesy Lance Tooks

I was intrigued by the BBC website Magazine story entitled Do the dead outnumber the living?

My attention was caught in particular by the table at the end showing a total for the number of people who have ever lived as 107,602,707,791.
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time to stand and stare

Travelling in the UK, I seem to be in headless chicken mode, with no time to sit and think or write, and yet achieving very little. Yesterday, though, I took a walk , as it was a glorious, slightly blustery, English summer afternoon.

I’ve commented before on the monkey puzzle in my mother’s village, but I’d never seen it with cones before:

monkey puzzle cones
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