what a bind

I went to a fascinating “show and tell” at the local archive office last week, where the archivist talked about bookbinding and conservation and showed us the tools of her trade.

book binding tools
I found it a bit frustrating to see so many blank books lying on the table without anyone seeming to have any intention of writing in them.
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it’s complicated

I’ve posted this poem before, but this time I have a photo to go with it.

bobbin lace close up


You sit, bent over the pillow;

beaded memories

click back and forth.

Deftly, you weave silk threads:

over, under, twist and hitch;

under, over, pin and twist.

Beneath your fingers

a brass forest grows

shrouded in gossamer.

(In the photo, the forest is silver rather than brass, but I think it still illustrates the point.)
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bonnets and bobbles, Tam o’ Shanters and tassels

Ávila storks & nests 

In Ávila
the church towers all wear
Tam o’ Shanter storks nests

storks nest on domed roof
Actually, it’s not just the churches; any tall roof may sport a heap of sticks at a rakish angle like a French beret or a Scottish tam.

Except, of course, when the whole building roof or dome appears to be the bonnet and the nest is just the toorie – the bobble on the top.
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