earth day

When I posted about the Queen’s birthday a few hours ago, I had forgotten that today was Earth Day.

Having now remembered, I think perhaps this poem and pictures would have been more appropriate, so this weekend we’ll have an additional post.

(Only the top image was taken in Spain, and I’m not really sure that it was actually La Mancha, but that’s probably not that important.)
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it’s complicated

I’ve posted this poem before, but this time I have a photo to go with it.

bobbin lace close up


You sit, bent over the pillow;

beaded memories

click back and forth.

Deftly, you weave silk threads:

over, under, twist and hitch;

under, over, pin and twist.

Beneath your fingers

a brass forest grows

shrouded in gossamer.

(In the photo, the forest is silver rather than brass, but I think it still illustrates the point.)
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En un lugar de La Mancha, driving
along an empty motorway, we see
giants on the horizon. Full tilt
we race towards them.
Long arms whirl and sharp blades
slice the air. We hear aeolian music
serenading Dulcinea.

windmills / windfarm
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