earth day

When I posted about the Queen’s birthday a few hours ago, I had forgotten that today was Earth Day.

Having now remembered, I think perhaps this poem and pictures would have been more appropriate, so this weekend we’ll have an additional post.

(Only the top image was taken in Spain, and I’m not really sure that it was actually La Mancha, but that’s probably not that important.)
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windy days

It’s been terribly blustery this weekend – the type of weather that tends to blow all ideas out of my mind and prevents me from focusing. It does, however, provide a good excuse to post a picture I took last spring of a wind flower – a wood anemone.

wind flower; wood anemone
It’s also an excuse to post a poem that seems to be new to the blog, although I think it was written back in 2002.
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in Catalonia I

View from the headland, north of Llançà, Catalonia,

La tramuntana
turns the beach
vertical, lifting it
towards a cleanswept blue
where tiptilting gulls
fly backwards.

It’s not quite the right photo, of course, but the tramontane wind blew so hard for four of the five days of my recent trip that I couldn’t see or think or focus. I could hardly stand upright most of the time, so was pleased to find even a few lines of poetry, without worrying about whether I had appropriate pictures to use alongside.

A painter’s light, you said,
but I saw nothing,
eyes scrunched against
drifting sand and tufts
of cottonwood.

coast north of Llançà, Catalonia, Catalunya

“it was a dark and stormy night”

street lamp refracted through rain drops
Except it wasn’t. At least, it wasnt dark.

For some unknown reason the local council left the street lights on all night last night, so when I woke in the wee small hours I could see just how much damage the wind was doing in the garden. It was not a pleasant sight, but the thistledown street lamp almost made up for it.


En un lugar de La Mancha, driving
along an empty motorway, we see
giants on the horizon. Full tilt
we race towards them.
Long arms whirl and sharp blades
slice the air. We hear aeolian music
serenading Dulcinea.

windmills / windfarm
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