works in progress

construction work barricades
I read a few of my poems at an open-mike event yesterday evening. One of the pieces dates from 2008 and I have around 15 different drafts of it on file. I rather thought that it was finished back in September 2014, when I submitted it as part of a portfolio.

But while waiting for the event to start last night, I found myself tinkering with it again. I wonder if it will ever be finished.
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capture that moment


Ellen Terry takes a selfie

Ellen Terry takes a selfie


The weather has been mostly grey recently and I’ve barely bothered to take my camera out with me as I haven’t expected to find much to take pictures of. Today, though, I decided to go out in the drizzle and within five minutes of leaving the house I came across a tree in full blossom.

Naturally, I decided to take pictures, but when I looked at them later on the computer I was disappointed to find that they might as well have been in black and white.

grey blossom against grey sky
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memory of sunshine

J M Barrie is quoted as saying:

God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.

I wonder if perhaps He gave us photography and the internet so those of us with poor memories could not just have their own sunflowers and blue skies on dull autumnal days, but so we could also share them with others.(And share them long after the apparently absent sun set, too.)

sunflowers against cloudy blue sky

pictures, but no words

I don’t know how many words I have written this week, but I know I took over 200 photographs. There aren’t any poems, anecdotes or other ponderings in my notebook that I want to post, so I guess I’ll have to settle for pictures instead. Out of the 200, these three are my favourites:

Wooden pier, Firth of Forth, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh

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the big picture

Looking through my photo files for ideas for a blog post, I find mostly close ups of flowers and insects. Panoramic views are few and far between, and pictures of people are even less frequent. close up of small pink flowerets Even if a scene could be a landscape, my focus is usually on details.
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a need to focus

dandelion clock
I bought my first digital camera a long time ago, when I confirmed the sale of a photo-essay to a local glossy magazine. Since then, I haven’t made much of an effort to sell my articles, but those I have placed have often been illustrated with my own pictures. And, of course, I use my photos on this blog: other than screen shots, I don’t think there are a dozen images here that I didn’t take.
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