bluebirds II

European Jay on grape-laden vine

I’ve mentioned before the effect certain blue birds have on me: how they raise my spirits and how, for the (usually brief) moments that they are visible, I forget to do anything other than stand and stare.

This week, though, a jay has visited the vine regularly – I guess the grapes must be just about ripe – so I’ve had my camera to hand on my desk ready for when he appears.

Each morning
a jay visits the vine;
high above, cirrus
whisper of autumn

Normally, even if the camera is easily found, opening windows or doors startles any wildlife away before I can get a picture. But after the recent cleaning binge, I was able to take this photo through the window.

Windows cleaned
inside and out:
how bright the world looks!

Even so, if this is the best I can do, I think next time I’d better leave the bird photography to the experts and settle for recording the image in my memory rather than on my camera’s memory card.

photos of food

Christmas lunch (detail)

Clearly the world is too much with me as this is the first post in a week and, like the last one, it is based on reality.

I’ve been wondering what has prompted this recent fixation with taking pictures of a meal before eating it.

Why, once a meal is on the table – particularly a special meal, where extra effort has been put into the preparation and a delay may have a more than usually detrimental effect – would anyone decide to dash off and find a camera to immortalise the moment?

I’ve seen it happen on a number of occasions recently, and each time the focus of the photograph has been the food rather than the people present.

When I cook, I’d rather the guests sat down and ate while the meal was hot and fresh, than spent so long admiring the visual effect that it all got cold. Maybe I’m just more of a gourmand than a gourmet.

picture perfect?

This double-page advert comes from today’s El Mundo newspaper:

advert for el mundo image processing course
Honesty in journalism?
Is it just me, or is there something slightly disturbing about the press offering to teach people how to ‘retouch’ images?

purple pictures

camera fault: bad image

I really do need that new camera if I am to stop taking pictures like the one on the left. Though what it will take to stop me writing purple prose is anybody’s guess.

I also need it so I can take better pictures than the one below (which comes from the same set as the previous one). After all, if the local area provides me with such wonderful subjects, it would be nice to be able to do them justice.


Not that getting a new camera will make me a better photographer, of course, but it shouldn’t make me any worse.

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