mixed marriages

From the print edition of today’s Público newspaper, a double page spread on mixed nationality marriage; an assortment of news and commentary.

The left hand page is dedicated to the story that eight European states have agreed to make divorce easier with a new law that gives parejas mixtas the right to choose which law should be applied when they split up. It seems that there are 170,000 divorces between these so-called mixed couples in the EU each year, which is around 20% of the total number of divorces.
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the times they are a-changing

I’m intrigued by the headline on the BBC news website today which claims “Clock change may cause tiredness

My elderly mother complains that everytime there’s a power cut she has to go round the house altering all the clocks. She doesn’t understand – and nor do I – why we should have to have so many clocks on appliances that don’t need them: the cooker, the microwave, the video, the radio… Continue reading “the times they are a-changing”

summer sport

After a busy evening
listening to cicada orchestras
and dancing with
through the weeds,
the cat comes home.

He sniffs the bowl of kibble
then looks up, looks
dissatisfied, as if to say,
“dried cat food’s

dry’ku II

Strappy sandals;
at every step
my toes launch grasshoppers.


trickles across concrete:
memory of water


Wind skitters leaves
across the yard. They crumble
to sand-coloured dust.


Honeysuckle drapes
overflowing wheelie bins:
summer-scented air.