plain speaking

When I wrote the post about the PP’s Rescate game earlier, I visited their web site to see if I could actually see or play the game myself. The page ( loads but there’s no game there. What there is, is a little diagonal strap across the top left hand corner with the slogan hablando claro – speaking clearly:

PP 'hablando claro' web site grab

Clicking on it takes you to a ten-point survey.

I don’t intend to look at all the questions, but here are the first few:

PP 'hablando claro' survey

Hablando claro: Speaking clearly
Contesta lo que piensas realmente: Answer the way you really think.

Question one: ¿No crees que Cataluña y España no pueden absorber más inmigrantes de manera ilimitada?
Excuse me??? Hmm. I really am flummoxed by that one, so let’s take it slowly:

¿No crees : Don’t you think …?
que Cataluña y España: that Catalonia and Spain
no pueden absorber más inmigrantes: can’t absorb more immigrants
de forma ilimitada: without limits

And putting it back together again:
Don’t you think that Catalonia and Spain can’t absorb more immigrants without limits? Answer yes or no.

I really don’t think that demanding a yes/no answer to a question starting “Don’t you think” is plain speaking. And even less so when there’s a negative verb later on. “Don’t you think they can’t do it?”

Question three is also interesting:
¿Crees que todo el que venga de otros países tiene que respetar nuestras normas de convivencia, comenzando por los derechos de la mujer y de los niños?
Do you think that everyone who comes from other countries should respect our ‘house rules’, starting with the rights of women and children?

I think I can honestly answer no to that. Why would we start with the rights of women and children? Why should we put women and children’s rights above all the other laws of the land?

After answering the ten questions – or doing as I did and just clicking on the continue button – you see this screen:

Muchos lo pensamos, sólo algunos lo decimos

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to eight or more questions, you agree to at least 80% of our project.

And that quietly disturbing final slogan:
“Lots of us think it, only some of us say it”

Author: don't confuse the narrator

Exploring the boundary between writer and narrator through first person poetry, prose and opinion

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