John Timpson 150 years guaranteed. Heel stamp

I had to have some shoes repaired recently and since all the local independent cobblers seem to have been swallowed up, there was no alternative but to go to a national chain.

Actually, although I baulk at the idea of chains buying up independents, I do like Timpson’s. I heard the chairman, John Timpson, speak at a business event a few years ago and there is little doubt that the organisation has clear and laudable values and that they practise what they preach about delegating authority while retaining responsibility.

If the words imprinted on my shoes’ new heels are anything to go by, the company are also confident of the quality of their work.

I don’t expect to need the repairs to last for 150 years, as I’m sure I won’t last that long myself. But I am expecting to continue walking even when we go back into lockdown, so I’m hoping they will last at least until we’re allowed to get our shoes repaired again.

Finally, since it’s Hallowe’en today, here’a picture taken on a walk through a graveyard this morning.

Path through autumn graveyard

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