I had to have some shoes repaired recently and since all the local independent cobblers seem to have been swallowed up, there was no alternative but to go to a national chain.

Actually, although I baulk at the idea of chains buying up independents, I do like Timpson’s. I heard the chairman, John Timpson, speak at a business event a few years ago and there is little doubt that the organisation has clear and laudable values and that they practise what they preach about delegating authority while retaining responsibility.
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encounter with cows

During the lockdown, I’ve begun going to the racecourse when I have time for a proper walk, as there is plenty of space to avoid people. As well as the paths around the track, there’s also a small wooded area, where I know I will be completely alone, and there are a couple of places where you can climb over stiles and get onto footpaths that cross the adjoining fields.

There’s a proper made-up path on the inside of the track, but I prefer the natural path thats skirts the racecourse; this is quite narrow, but you can always dip under the fence to ensure the recommended distance is adhered to.
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en route

On a walk the other night, I came across this sign:

Kenilworth Greenway -  a permissisve bridleway with kissing gates
Bridleway marker with summer hat

I rather like the idea of a “permissive bridleway”, but I like it even more knowing that it has kissing gates installed along its route.

As the seond photo shows, the path also has way markers that hang out on the verge [sic] dressed in their glad rags.

I think perhaps I should be writing a poem entitled In summer, the permissive bridleway puts on its finery, but I fear that would be the high point of the piece and I would be unable to do it justice.

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