I had to have some shoes repaired recently and since all the local independent cobblers seem to have been swallowed up, there was no alternative but to go to a national chain.

Actually, although I baulk at the idea of chains buying up independents, I do like Timpson’s. I heard the chairman, John Timpson, speak at a business event a few years ago and there is little doubt that the organisation has clear and laudable values and that they practise what they preach about delegating authority while retaining responsibility.
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red wellingtons on a grey day

red wellingtons & floral umbrella

The poem I posted on Thor’s Day last week has never been quite what I wanted it to be.

The original notes are for a bullet-point poem with the things children love about rain contrasted with the things that it means to an adult – leaking window frames, wet washing draped everywhere, rising damp and higher prices at the green grocer’s.

It was intended to end up with the (adult) narrator adding a pair of red wellingtons to her shopping list. (As the photo suggests, I’m a great believer in bright boots and umbrellas for grey days.)
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