rest & restoration

This juxtaposition of signs caught my eye:

Iglesia Cristiana Evangélica - Centro de Decanso
are you weak and heavy laden?
In fact, the Evangelical Christian Church has long gone from the building, and was replaced by the ‘Centre for Rest’ – which sells beds, mattresses etc. – but I thought of Matthew 11, 28:

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

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prevention is better than cure?

This caught my eye en route to the village this morning:

Sociedad de Prevención de Fraternidad
What about igualdad & libertad?

It was on the side of a lorry parked down by the river. Muprespa are some kind of mutua de accidentes, but I don’t think the slogan reads quite the way they want it to.

weighty matters

not the softest seat
not the softest seat

I saw this sign in a designer shop escaparate in Madrid and wonder whether it sounds as odd in Spanish as it does to an English speaker. I guess ‘puff’ is an imported word and they just think it means some kind of small stool.

For me ‘puff’ should be associated with something as delicate and formless as smoke or clouds.

Definitely not with a solid lump of marble.

headline news

This paradoxical headline comes from today’s ¡Qué!, one of Madrid’s free newspapers:

Headline: 24-hour gas stations to close at night
Paradox or careless phrasing?

Twenty-four-hour gas stations can’t close at night: if they do, they won’t be 24-hour gas stations.

Who checks the headlines before the papers go to press? Don’t they have sub editors anymore?
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explosive news?

Is it only me, or does the juxtaposition of these two headlines – from the same page of today’s El País – catch the attention of anyone else out there?

Burning exes, exploding immigrants...
Burning exes, exploding immigrants...

Was it the proximity to the first story that forced the headline writer to use such an ugly adverb as “laboralmente” in the second?

And am I the only person who noticed the flyer which fell out when I turned the page?:
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titular particular de Público

Después de su fallo con las estadístcas, de nuevo parece que el corrector de textos del periódico Público tiene un mal día:

El Banco de España tiene un procotolo de emergencia
Titular de Público, 5 octubre 2008

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lies, damned lies…

…and a headline from today’s Público which makes the Spanish sound even more xenophobic than they really are:

seis de cada cuatro encuestados piden la expulsión de los sin papeles - 6 out of every 4 surveyed want illegal immigrants sent home
lies, damned lies and statistics

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