bright tomorrows

Despite the last week having been less-than-satisfactory on a number of counts, I woke this morning feeling surprisingly positive.

There was also a phrase – brand new bright tomorrow – going round and round in my mind.

And then I realised that today is the first day of summer.
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genre shifting

I spent this afternoon in a sound studio, taking part in a radio show that centres around local writers and writing. Today the subject was living with animals and, as the only studio guest, I had the chance to read some of my work and talk a little bit about it.

Anyone who reads this blog must realise that I care about nature – animals, birds and plants – even if the photos of flowers are usually better than my attempts to shoot a moving target, which animals so often are.
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running late

It’s been a beautiful day and, for once, I’ve spent very little time at my computer.

It’s the local folk festival this weekend and there has been music and a general festive air throughout the town. At the end of the road, groups played Led Zeppelin and David Bowie covers, neither of which count as folk to me, though I admit I enjoyed them rather more than I did the Morris dancing.
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musings on the metro

My trip to Madrid this week involved a lot of rushing around, and a lot of trips on the Metro.

madrid metro video still
At Gran Vía, the whole of the station is currently plastered with posters advertising The Hobbit – due out in Spain today. As I scurried up and down escalators and along dank tunnels, I remembered the book’s opening: Continue reading “musings on the metro”

village fiestas

Spain goes from fiesta to fiesta and here in the village the first proper working week after the long summer has ended with celebrations in honour of Nuestra Señora la Virgen del Pilar de Arenas.

village fiesta band
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