cold snap

simplifies the city.
Cameras click; mobiles sing.

El Prado, Madrid
El Prado, Madrid

festive food, anyone?

I’m used to the neighbours’ guard dogs objecting to my walking down their patch of road when I go for a walk, but this young animal seemed mighty friendly as he came to investigate when I passed the garden he was in this morning:

on the hoof...
on the hoof...

I wonder if he realises he’s probably destined to be guest of honour at the New Year meal next week.

Of course, some people prefer to buy their festive food pre-processed from the supermarket:
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baaaa, humbug!

Although the festivities go on for the best part of a month – starting with la Concepción Inmaculada on December 8th (or possibly el Día de la Constitución on the 6th) and not ending until Twelfth Night when los Reyes bring the children’s presents – it never seems very Christmassy in Spain.

For a start there may be snow on the mountains, but there’s also glorious sunshine and it’s still daylight till after 6pm.

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Bedraggled autumn afternoon;
a thousand robin’s eyes watch
from the elder tree.


No, not elderberries, but the visual effect is similar
No, not elderberries, but the visual effect is similar

a for apple

In the summer, the untended land here is mostly too dry for weeds and no lawn can survive without almost daily watering. The neighbour moves his grand-daughter’s shetland pony around between the various empty gardens and fields, and she may not be in one place for more than a couple of days, depending on the grazing.

We’ve had rain now – torrential thunderstorms and strong winds – but not enough sun to bring the weeds on again, though no doubt they’ll be knee high again in a week or so.
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mostly photos

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autumn hai’ku

From among the fallen leaves, the wind
lifts a broken butterfly wing
and gives it flight.

autumn creeping from the inside out
autumn creeping from the inside out