the morning after

Many years ago, someone gave me a badge that said “Please maintain in an upright position when full of liquid.” I was reminded of this when I saw the sticker on this card:

Cat card with sticker: I stand up and my head wobbles

coffee and countables

What is it with coffee shops and countability?

I’ve commented in the past on the Starbucks slogan “Less napkins. More plants. More planet.” *

Today, though, it’s Coffee #1 who have offended my grammatical – and poetical – sensibilites. Again, it’s napkins (or serviettes):

coffee #1 napkin
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sinful snacking

snack biscuits

I’ve already commented on how fond the Spanish are of the genitivo sajón so I suppose the strange and entirely inappropriate little green leaf in the logo of this packet of “snatt’s” isn’t really surprising.

Still, it does make me wonder once again who does the copy writing and design for Spanish advertising agencies.

I imagine the brand name “snatt’s” is someone’s interpretation of the sound of the English word “snacks”. But what purpose does the leaf serve?

If it’s purely a design element, surely it could have been put somewhere where it wasn’t likely to be mistaken for an apostrophe? Or did the company chairman think that an apostrophe added a sophisticated English twist to the name?
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