a choice of viewing

The marvels of technology allow us to watch TV even if we don’t actually have a television set, and to watch programmes at times totally unrelated to when they are actually broadcast. I found this film on offer recently:

"The Thing from Another World" listing on iPlayer
What really caught my attention was how close I had come to missing it after all these years:
First shown  1951: available  till Tuesday
I wonder if they really did keep their word and remove it on Tuesday or whether, like David Bowie, they decided they “might be able to stretch it till Wednesday”:
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It’s been longer than usual since the last blog update and I was wondering what excuse to make. I wasn’t sure whether to say I’d been too busy or just not had any ideas. Then I remembered the notes I made the other morning while I stopped off for breakfast in the hotel bar in the village.

The TV was on – is there a bar in the whole of Spain that doesn’t have a television on all the hours the place is open? – showing some kind of morning magazine programme. Although the sound was on, there were three other people in the place (that includes the barman) and the conversation – jumping back and forth between the farthest corners and behind the bar – was sufficiently loud to drown out most of what was going on, but I managed to gather some of it.
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set-tos on set

The BBC have apologised for broadcasting, on BBC1’s Breakfast programme, an unbleeped version of an audio tape where – allegedly – Christian Bale berates a colleague for ruining a shot on the set of Terminator Salvation. A spokeswoman is quoted as saying, “A technical error led to us broadcasting an unacceptable swear word.” Which seems a bit of an understatement if it’s true that the outburst includes the use of the F-word 35 times in just over four minutes.

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reader, beware

In these days of economic recession, credit crunch, financial crisis, or whatever term the media are using today, it’s logical that we should look back to the Wall Street crash of ’29 in an attempt to make comparisons and perhaps find solutions.

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cerditos y patitos

“Como todos sabemos, hay que ser elegante por dentro y por fuera,” dijo la presentadora de la tele. Pero en vez de servir esto como introducción a una tertulia acerca de la auténtica elegancia, resulta que el programa proseguía con un reportaje de las nuevas tendencias de la lencería.

A mí, mostrar a los hombres, por guapos que sean, haciendo deporte en ropa interior no me parece muy elegante. Admito que mostraron unos juegos de bragas y sujetadores – para no decir “juegos íntimos” y arriesgar un malentendido – realmente bonitos, pero no creo que pareciera más elegante si me vistiese de seda y encaje, sino más bien hortera y, sin duda, mucho más incómoda. Y, para mí, sin comodidad no hay elegancia que valga.

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